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Put to the Traction Test: WINertia® AV Idler Rolls

May 30, 2017

Componex worked with Optimation to test the traction performance of WINertia® AV idler roll in comparison to a spiral grooved roll and a smooth idler roll. These independent test results prove conclusively that the WINertia AV (Air Vent) roll is the best idler roller for eliminating air entrainment and maintaining constant web traction.  With their built in air vents, WINertia AV aluminum dead shaft idler rollers remove trapped air 7.5 times faster than any other idler roller on the market. With 15 times the air parking capacity, the air vented dead shaft roller maintains constant traction.  It eliminates the web problems of scratching, slipping, bunching and side to side movement.

See the Traction Test Results for Yourself

Roll Type
Web Acceleration
Slippage  Reported
Idler Speed
Smooth 0-1900 FPM 375 800
Spiral grooved 0-1900 FPM 700 1000
WINertia AV 0-1900 FPM no slippage 1900

The WINertia AV roller outperforms spiral grooving, cork, rubberized tapes and standard idler rolls. Our rolls can be used in most idler roller applications. Utilize WINertia AV in encoders, re-winders, high speed printers, and converting equipment with running at speeds of 500 to 3400 FPM.

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Close up of WINertia AV Idler rolls endcaps