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Compare Rollers in Real-Time with Spiral Groove Lie Detector!

March 28, 2017

Spiral Groove Lie Detector Machine by Componex

Labeled the Spiral Groove Lie Detector, Componex brought our demo machine to the 2017 Converters Expo.  It’s a machine designed to show a side-by-side comparison of eight different kinds of idler rollers. It shows the abilities of each roll to provide traction for the web.  Our demonstration machine will show the difference the right roll can make!

The Spiral Groove Lie Detector shows the speed each roller loses traction and it displays the results on the eight speed monitors. The machine is built with a clear polycarbonate side frame on the front. It provides a clear view of the web circling through the machine. This gives viewers the best look at how various idler technologies compare to each other.

All of the idlers are driven by the web and have a 90 degree wrap angle. There is a speed sensor on all eight rollers and a digital readout for every roller. A continuous web passes through the machine. The speed of the machine can be varied from 0 to 1000 feet per minute. In real time, all eight rollers will be monitored as the speed of the web is increased.

This machine will dispel many of the myths of the smooth and spiral grooved rolls when compared to the WINertia AV roll.

Interested in seeing this machine in action?

Componex will have the Lie Detector machine running at future trade shows such as the ICE USA show in Orlando, Florida or Label Expo Europe 2017!

Or contact us to schedule your own viewing!