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Summer Deal on WINstub by Componex

July 5, 2017

WINstub sale image smallTake advantage of our hot summer sale on WINstub in your dead shaft idler orders

We want you to try our thru-shaft eliminator.  For each order of  WINertia®  AV Spreader rolls, we’ll give you 50% off the HUBstubs or NUBstubs!

HUBstub and NUBstub are a new way of mounting idler rollers. Traditional thru-shafts are very difficult to install and remove from a fixed framework that is fully assembled. WINstubs are a fraction of the weight of a thru-shaft.  Both the HUBstub and NUBstub can retract into the idler roller.  This makes installation faster and easier.  By eliminating the thru-shaft, we eliminate the potential of excessive bending of long and slender shafts.

All WINstub designs are of 1045 hard chrome plated that is ground and polished, the same material as our WINshaft.

You can get 50% off each HUBstub or NUBstub by ordering them with either of the following WINertia®  rolls:

WINertia® AV aluminum dead shaft idler rollers have built in “Air Vents” that remove trapped air 7.5 times faster than any other idler roller on the market.  With 15 times the air parking capacity, our vented dead shaft roller maintains constant traction.  It will eliminate the web problems of scratching, slipping, bunching and side-to-side movement.

The WINertia™ AV Spreader roll is created by machining a taper at the center of the WINertia®  AV idler for a “Reverse Crown” profile. The tapered dead shaft roller creates a larger diameter at the outer edge and a smaller diameter at the roll center. This design creates a greater surface speed at the ends of the roll. The result is a web tension distribution that spreads the web from the center out.

Catch this sale before it and the summer ends!

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