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Componex Innovation End to End Componex Innovation End to End

Componex Innovation End to End

Cal Couillard, President of ComponexComponex brings you winning dead shaft idler technology with WINertia products. WINertia products feature advanced web-handling technology including WINertia AV (air vent) precision aluminum idler rolls with exclusive WINtrac™ Coatings.

Componex engineers WINertia idler rolls with a series of unique features specifically designed to meet the demands of the converting industry.

WINertia™ idlers are manufactured with our patented WINertia™ tubing, Dynamic Center-WIN Balancing and WINertia Self-Adjusting Bearings to give you the ultimate in free spinning, low inertia rollers. Every facet of our dead shaft idler roll product line and our manufacturing process is developed to give you a big advantage: superior technology, competitive prices and the quickest lead-time in the industry.

Going beyond the revolutionary dead shaft idler rolls, Componex brings you service and resources that are unmatched in the industry.

Free Idler Consultation

Our WINertia Idler Application Specialists are available to help you solve your idler roller needs. You can take advantage of our years of experience in manufacturing idler rolls by speaking directly with one of our Application Specialists. Call or email us to schedule your Free Idler Consultation today!

WINertia™ Calculator

Now you can find the correct roll, compare different sizes, and accurately size shafts — in a matter of seconds. Use our WINertia Calculator to automatically select the best idler roll for your application. Just enter your roll width, web parameters, and shaft length and the calculator will instantly give you the correct WINertia roll and shaft size. Selecting the correct roller has never been easier!

Quick Quote

After using the WINertia Calculator to select your roll, you can instantly submit your parameters and roll data to us with Quick Quote. Just enter your contact information, select submit and one of our Idler Application Specialists will email you a quote within 24 hours. Getting a quote for your WINertia idlers has never been quicker!

5 Day Delivery

WINertia idler rollers are built in a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that provides you with the shortest lead times in the industry. Manufacturing in only 5 business days is our typical lead time, however, if you need an idler roll faster than 5 days, just ask as we can deliver!

AV Performance Guarantee

If any WINertia AV idler roll does not meet your expectations, it can be returned for a full credit within 60 days. You can be 100% confident that WINertia AV idler rollers solve your application challenges as we back every roll with our risk-free performance guarantee!

“The Componex Winertia AV idlers have helped to improve the quality of our laminated product. The grooved design has allowed us to significantly reduce time spent taping our idlers since there is no web slippage. As a result, wrinkle prone structures now run smoothly right from the job startup. We have replaced all idlers in our laminators to Componex Winertia AV idlers and are very pleased with the results.”

Elise Manders
Lamination Manager