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WINertia Winning Idler Technology WINertia Winning Idler Technology

WINertia Winning Idler Technology


WINertia – the first aluminum tubing specifically designed, engineered and patented for idler rollers.

The innovative design features produce smoother, higher speed operation for increased production. They are the  best dead shaft idler rollers available.

  • Extruded aluminum profiles match each idler application
  • Designed to maximize strength and minimize rotational inertia
  • Tube ID matches the bearing OD
  • Built-in balancing chambers

Download the WINertia Brochure (PDF)

The WINertia Advantage began with the uniquely engineered aluminum tubing and now stretches across the entire line of precision idler rollers solutions.

WINertia AV Idler Rolls with built-in “Air Vents” (lateral grooves) remove trapped air, to maintain constant web traction and prevent web scratching, slipping and sliding.

WINertia AV Reverse Crown Spreader is machined with a smaller diameter in the center than at the ends, which spreads the web from the center out and removes wrinkles and improves web quality.

WINertia Self-Adjusting Bearings self-adjust radially to compensate for roller deflection and linearly to compensate for thermal expansion and contraction, allowing constant free spinning rotation.

It’s a winning combination when WINertia technology teams up with WINtrac Thermal Spray Coatings, Dynamic Center-WIN balancing and WINlock Bearing Protection to produce the most advanced idler rolls available today.

And you get our 5 day delivery on these revolutionary dead shaft idler rolls!

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