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Custom WINertia Idler Roller Features

The custom design of WINertia idlers enables unmatched web handling and converting industry operation performance. Features include WINertia air vent, spreader roll, self-adjusting bearing technologies, dynamic Center-WIN balancing, WINlock bearing protection and custom coatings.

Performance begins with WINertia tubing. Manufactured from extruded aluminum, the tubing is designed to provide superb strength at the lightest possible weight. Its low rotational inertia can match any idler application.

WINertia AV technology helps obtain superior web tracking while eliminating scratching, slipping and sliding. Built-in air vents maintain constant traction by removing trapped air 7.5 times faster than any other idler roller on the market.

Eliminate wrinkles from your web with WINertia AV spreader roll, a dead shaft roller with larger outer-edge that tapers to a smaller roll-center. This reversed-crown design creates a greater surface speed at roll ends, resulting in tension distribution that spreads the web outward from the center.

Improve product quality with WINertia self-adjusting bearings maintains constant radial alignment up to a 2˚ misalignment between the shaft and bearing. Linear alignment is also constantly maintained during thermal expansion and contraction which eliminates roll failures due to bearing side loading.

WINertia self-adjusting bearing idler technology is a combination of the innovative WINertia self-adjusting bearing and WINlock bearing protection systems. WINlock bearing protection shields WINertia self-adjusting bearings from environmental dirt and grime, which can extend bearing life.

Dynamic Center-WIN balancing enables rolls to run smoother and spin faster while reducing whip. Center-roll weights with built-in full-length balancing chambers provide performance and reliability while curbing at-speed whip and vibration.

Whether you drive woven or non-woven fabrics, films or paper goods at high speeds, tearing and sticking can cause engineering and productivity headaches. Keep web handling and converting lines moving with Wintrac thermal spray coatings. They have high traction, but also high release of adhesives for easy cleaning. Our coating range includes WINtrac 2 Ink Release, WINtrac 3 Ink and Adhesive Release, WINtrac 4 Adhesive Release and WINtrac 5 Ultra Smooth Ink Release.

Componex provide the highest quality of products and services to our customers quickly. We offer five-day lead time for all of our WINertia idler rollers.

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