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Bearings FAQs

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Why do you use two different part numbers for bearings in the same idler?

WINertia Self–Adjusting bearings are designed to use locking set screws at one end of the idler and a lock nut with plunger system at the other end. The locking side is designated “UFSSA” which stands for Ultra Free Spin Self-Adjusting and the floating side is designated “UFSSAP” which stands for Ultra Free Spin Self-Adjusting Plunger.

What is the best way to prevent bearing failure?

Using WINertia self-adjusting rollers is the best way to prevent bearing failure. This patented system allows a roller to expand and contract linearly while at the same time adjusting radially to compensate for shaft deflections.  The WINlock Bearing Protection system also helps prevent bearing failure by locking out unwanted dirt and grime particles.

Both of these unique systems minimize bearing wear for years of maintenance free service.

What is a free-spinning bearing?

A free-spinning bearing is designed to have a very low coefficient of friction. WINertia bearings are ultra free-spinning with a long lasting fluoropolymer lubricant.

Explain why you only lock one side of the bearing on your idlers?

This is done to keep the idler bearings from ever binding up and to keep the bearings from failing.  In the field, it is common to have misaligned idlers, idler thermal expansion and contraction, and conditions where the shaft bends more than the idler itself.  Ultimately, this leads to bearing failure.  Componex developed the Self-adjusting idlers to solve these three common problems.  The roll can expand and contract at different temperatures, and the bearings pivot to adjust for excessive shaft deflection.  This technology has solved many bearing problems for our customers.

What is the best way to install bearings in an idler roll?

The best way to install a bearing in a dead-shaft idler roll is to heat up the ends of the roller and allow the bore expand.  Aluminum has good expansion properties and once the aluminum reaches about 150 degrees F, the bearings slide in easily.  As the roll cools the WINertia bearing is then locked in place. Bearings should never be hammered or pressed in as this can cause damage to both the bearing bore and the bearing itself.