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Coatings FAQs

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How can I prevent adhesives from sticking to our idler rolls?

WINtrac coatings are the best way to solve this problem.  The coatings are done in-house making them affordable and delivered in just 5 days.

What is the difference between hard coat anodizing and thermal coatings?

The biggest difference between hard coat anodized dead-shaft idlers and WINtrac coated rolls is traction.  Anodized rolls have a smooth surface and they lose traction at high speeds.  The anodized coating protects the idler from wear, but it does not protect the web.  With WINtrac thermal spray coatings both the idler and the web are protected as traction is constantly maintained.  In addition to constant traction WINtrac thermal spray coatings also have release properties for inks and adhesives.

Is there something we can do to prevent ink from sticking to the idlers?

Yes, we have high release WINtrac coatings for both ink and adhesive release that we apply in-house.  Other non-stick roll coverings can sometimes be effective at repelling ink, however because they also have a very low coefficient of friction they can cause the web to slip on the idler.