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Featured FAQs

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Why is traction so important for an idler roller?

Traction is important because it is the only way to control the web as it winds its way through a machine.  Without traction, a web is free to slide left and right and to slip over the roller. Printing registration is lost with side to side web movement and scratching occurs when the web slips over the slower moving roller.

What are the advantages of a dead shaft over a live shaft idler?

In addition to being less expensive, dead shaft idlers perform better in many applications. Since the bearings are installed inside the body of the roller they are closer to the web load which minimizes roller deflection. Placing the bearing inside the roll body also allows for the use of the latest self-adjusting bearing technology.

What is the best way to size an idler to minimize deflection?

The best way to size an idler is to use the WINertia Calculator.  This online tool lets you input five variables and it then recommends the best idler to use for your application. It is very quick and easy to use. If you have any questions about your application, you can contact one of our Idler Application Specialists at 608-884-2201 or email:

Why do you use two different part numbers for bearings in the same idler?

WINertia Self–Adjusting bearings are designed to use locking set screws at one end of the idler and a lock nut with plunger system at the other end. The locking side is designated “UFSSA” which stands for Ultra Free Spin Self-Adjusting and the floating side is designated “UFSSAP” which stands for Ultra Free Spin Self-Adjusting Plunger.