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High Precision Idler Rollers with Low Total Indicator Runout (TIR)

Improve your digital printing application’s performance while curbing registration issues with innovative WINertia AV Precision Idler Rollers from Componex.

“Let’s look at a printing press and let’s say you have 10 printing stations and you’re going from station one to station two, three or four. You’re going through a series of idlers each time that you do this,” Componex President & Design Engineer Cal Couillard said. “So if you want to control 10 different colors through a printing press, if you’re sliding on your rolls, you’re weaving left and right, you’re going to have distorted printing. You want to go down the line and you want to have complete control as that web passes through the machine. Once you lift off that roll, its free to shift left to right. And that is what the web will do”.

Minimizing total indicator runout reduces registration issues from one print station to the next. WINertia AV rolls up to 30” long have a .001” per foot of total indicator runout, which is two times better than the total indicator runout industry standard of .002” per foot. WINertia AV rolls over 30″ long offer about 25 percent less total indicator runout than the industry standard of .0005″ per foot.

The behavior of your idlers impacts your digital print application equipment’s overall performance. Idlers that display total indicator runout outside of the minimum specified value could become misaligned, negatively impacting the trough angle of the process. A poorly maintained trough angle can lessen overall quality, reduce efficiency and increase failure risks.

WINertia AV Precision Idler Rollers are manufactured from quality aluminum designed to provide maximum strength at the lightest possible weight. Capable of maintaining the utmost strength across the entire roll length with extremely low rotational inertia, our idler rollers have exceptionally low total indicator runout.

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