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Idler Rolls with Excellent Traction

Cal Couillard of Componex explains how WINertia® AV (air vent) dead shaft idler rollers will increase traction. Traction is a key element of any successful web handing or converting line process. Air between the roller and web can reduce control and contribute to misaligned cutting and slitting, poor adhesion and lamination, wrinkles and tears, among other issues.

Increase product quality and process efficiency at your web handing or converting line operation with Componex WINertia® AV aluminum dead shaft idler rollers, which are engineered with lateral grooves to remove trapped air. The grooves, called air vents, maintain constant traction and prevent scratching, slipping and sliding.

“There’s an air stream that is basically attached to the surface of the roll, so the faster you go, more air gets pumped in as the web and idler meet,” Componex President & Design Engineer Cal Couillard said. “If you don’t get rid of that air, you lift off and now you’re no longer touching the roll.”

WINertia® AV aluminum dead shaft idler rollers remove trapped air approximately 7.5 times faster than any other idler roller on the market. With 15 times the air parking capacity, the innovative design features of the roller enable smoother, higher speed operation.

“We’ve had customers operate at over 3,000 feet a minute, and we have not really found an application where we’ve lost traction with an AV roll,” said Couillard, in reference to Componex’s WINertia® air vent idler roll technology.

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