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Ink and Adhesive Release on Idler Rollers

Cal Couillard of Componex talks about the properties of WINtrac™ coatings on WINertia dead shaft idler rollers. WINtrac™ thermal spray coatings are high-performance, high-traction surface treatments that can combat common converting equipment problems, including release, lubrication, corrosion and abrasive wear. These coatings strengthen manufacturing efficiency through increased line speeds, reduced downtime and heightened energy savings.

“We have release coatings that are either fluoropolymer or silicon based, and these are basically slippery coatings,” Componex President & Design Engineer Cal Couillard said. “But since we are so focused on traction, even though these will release adhesives and inks, the coatings still make sure to get rid of air, because trapped air is really what causes you to lose traction.”

Componex developed WINtrac™ thermal spray coatings for a variety of applications, including web roll handling, printing and adhesives. Ink applications can benefit from WINtrac™ 2 Ink Release coating spray, while WINtrac™ 3 Ink and Release coating spray is ideal for ink and adhesive crossover applications. WINtrac™ 4 Adhesive Release coating spray is designed for applications in which rollers contact aggressive surfaces. WINtrac™ 5 Ultra Smooth Ink Release coating spray is a high-performance, smooth fluoropolymer coating that delivers an anti-oxidant, anti-static surface.

These premier thermal spray coatings are specially designed to enhance the performance and longevity of Componex’s industry-leading WINertia® aluminum idler rollers. WINtrac™ coated rolls are manufactured in five business days, just as quickly as an uncoated roll.

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