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WINertia AV Spreader Roll WINertia AV Spreader Roll

WINertia AV Spreader Roll


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The WINertia™ AV Spreader Roll with Reverse Crown Profile gets the wrinkles out!

The WINertia™ AV Spreader roll, or bowed roller, is created by machining a taper at the center of the WINertia AV idler for a “Reverse Crown” profile. The tapered dead shaft roller creates a larger diameter at the outer edge and a smaller diameter at the roll center. This design creates a greater surface speed at the ends of the roll. The result is a web tension distribution that spreads the web from the center out. Bowed rollers are custom designed to meet your application needs and they eliminate creases or wrinkles.

The WINertia™ AV Spreader Roll is customer preferred for its exceptional traction, performance, and value.

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What make the WINertia AV the best idler roll for your web handling and converting operations?

“We’ve gotten the AV reverse crown rollers installed on one machine and have been seeing very good results. We need to order 36 more rolls to outfit 3 more machines!”