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WINertia AV Air Vent Idler Roller WINertia AV Air Vent Idler Roller

WINertia AV Air Vent Idler Roller


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Tapered Dead Shaft Idler Rollers

The WINertia™ AV Maintains Constant Traction on High-Speed Webs

WINertia™ AV aluminum dead shaft idler rollers are built in “Air Vents” that remove trapped air 7.5 times faster than any other idler roller on the market. With 15 times the air parking capacity, our vented dead shaft roller maintains constant traction.  It eliminates the web problems of scratching, slipping, bunching and side to side movement.

The WINertia™ AV outperform spiral grooving, cork, rubberized tapes and standard idler rolls. The WINertia™ AV can be used in most idler roller applications. Utilize WINertia™ AV in encoders, re-winders, high speed printers, and converting equipment with running at speeds of 500 to 3400 FPM. Independent 3rd party test results prove that the WINertia™ AV aluminum dead shaft idlers maintain constant web traction across multiple web speeds. Idler rolls equipped with other technology lose traction and slip due to the trapped air between the web and the idler roller.

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What make the WINertia AV the best idler roll for your web handling and converting operations?

Technical Specifications

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“We operate 12 web presses with zero speed splicers in our operation here in the Twin Cities. On several of our presses we were experiencing surprising wear on our festoon rolls and we reached the point where it was necessary to replace the festoon roll “sets”. The people from Componex convinced us that the rolls could not wear without slipping and recommended we try their patented AV technology on low inertia, low friction rolls to eliminate web slip. We tried this on one of our splicers and based on our experience with that splicer moved to the second press and converted to the AV rolls there. Those vented rolls have eliminated slip and we’ve seen no recurrence of the wear problem.”

Brian Jones
Japs-Olson Company