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WINertia Dynamic Center – WIN Balancing

With WINertia™ Dynamic Center-WIN Balancing idlers run smoother and faster so your machines are able to increase performance and optimize production.


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WINertia™ Dynamic Center-WIN Balancing is one of the key components of advanced technology you’ll find in every WINertia™ aluminum dead shaft and live shaft idler roller. This exclusive balancing system adds weight to the center of the idler with built-in balancing chambers that run the full length of the roller.

WINertia™ Dynamic Center-WIN Balancing is a more precise idler balancing method than traditional methods that only balance on the roll ends with cumbersome operations of welding, drilling and epoxying weights. Placing the balancing weights in the center of the roll rather than the end of the roll reduces whip and vibrations at high speeds as the idler is balanced across its full length.

The built-in design of the balancing chambers also makes it impossible for the balancing weights to ever come lose or to fall out.

Componex Standards

  • Standard balancing spec is ISO 1940 G6.3  (G2.5 is available for an additional charge)
  • Standard balancing speed is 2000 FPM (unless otherwise specified)

Positive Effects of Balancing

  • Increases machine speed
  • Adds bearing life
  • Reduces noise

Tolerance Formulas

ISO 1940 G6.3 Tolerance = 6.3 * 6.015 Rotor Weight / Operating Speed
ISO 1940 G2.5 Tolerance = 2.5 * 6.015 Rotor Weight / Operating Speed

Balancing Resources

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