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Idler Rolls Anodized Coatings and Rubber Coverings

Idler roller high release coatingsWINtrac Coatings

The recommended coating for WINertia precision idler rolls is WINtrac™ High Release Coatings. This revolutionary coating line is formulated for a wide range of applications including web roll handling, printing processes, and adhesive applications.

The WINtrac™ coating is directly integrated with the WINertia™ aluminum idler roller manufacturing process. By eliminating the outsourcing time normally associated with coating rollers, we provide customers with the highest quality coated rolls at the lowest possible price. This inline integration also allows for the same short lead-time for a WINtrac™ coated roll as for an uncoated roll – just 5 business days.

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Anodized Coatings

Clear Anodize Black Anodize
Corrosion resistance
  • Available in black or natural
  • 72 Rockwell wear resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
Anodized Finishes


Surface Description Acknowledged
Bare Rolls Roll surface is machined smooth and polished to 32 Ra. Other finishes can be quoted upon request. Finish turn and polish 32 Ra
Black Anodize

Roll surface is machined smooth and polished to 32 Ra. Other finishes can be quoted upon request. Surface Ra increases during the anodizing process but remains in the acceptable range.

We recommend using the black anodize for color consistency.

Finish turn and polish 32 Ra

When specifying a Standard Ra Finish please note that Componex works within the following guidelines:

Specification Acceptable Ra Range
16 Ra 8 Ra – 20 Ra
32 Ra 22 Ra – 42 Ra
64 Ra 44 Ra – 84 Ra
125 Ra 95 Ra – 155 Ra

Rubber coverings

Compounds Available

  • Buna Nitrile (BN)
  • Caroxilated Nitrile (CN)
  • EPDM
  • Hypalon
  • Neoprene
  • Silicone
  • Viton

Specialty compounds

Our Idler Application Specialists are happy to consult with you regarding your specialty compound needs. Please contact us to review your specifications.

Note: Anodized Coatings, Rubber Coverings and Specialty Compounds are not internal processes and do not include our 5 day delivery. WINtrac Coatings are available on WINertia Idler Rolls and do include 5 Day Delivery.

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