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Componex works with several of the industry’s leading experts to provide accurate information on web handling fundamentals. Idler rollers used in today’s high speed printing and converting equipment play a major part in the success of a machine’s overall operation.

Traction Testing Video

Componex worked with Optimation to test the traction performance of a WINertia AV™ roll, a spiral grooved roll and a smooth idler roll.

Traction is lost and slippage begins when a layer of air forms between the web and the roller. In order to maintain constant traction at all web speeds the air between the web and the roller needs to be properly vented.

Test results

Roll type Web acceleration Web begins to slip Idler speed with web at 1900 FPM
Smooth 0-1900 FPM 375 800
Spiral grooved 0-1900 FPM 700 1000
WINertia AV 0-1900 FPM no slippage 1900

Roisum YouTube Web Handling Videos

Dr. David Roisum is a well renowned and accomplished author of several articles, books and videos for the web handling industry. His collection of short Web201 tutorial videos are an excellent resource and with his permission we are providing a few direct YouTube links.

Following are a few direct links to Dr. Roisum’s Web201 videos:

Abbotts Apps

Professor Steven Abbott has created several Application programs for the web handling industry. He also hosts some of Dr. David Roisum’s resource information and with his permission we are providing a few direct links to his website.


Dr. Kevin Cole is an industry expert in web handling and roller technology. He has authored several informative publications on web handling and has made them readily available as downloads from the Optimation website.

Web Alignment Services

Maintaining machine alignment throughout the entire web process is essential. Machines that are in alignment create the best possible product while running at optimum high speeds. When changing from a smooth style roll to a WINertia AV style roll your web will not slip and the web will follow the direction of the idler. The WINertia AV rolls maintain 100% traction and if your machine is out of alignment several web related problems will be magnified.

If you are experiencing web related problems when using the WINertia AV rolls, then we recommend getting your machine aligned by a professional alignment service. Following are a few alignment service companies that our customers have recommended.