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High Traction Idler Roller Alignment

Cal Couillard, President & Design Engineer of Componex, discusses the importance of alignment on high traction idler rollers.


Precision is vital when manufacturing products for web handling and converting machinery. Poorly aligned rollers can cause a variety of issues, from production of damaged or low-quality commodities, excessive scrap or increased maintenance costs.

“Alignment helps with your web tracking,” Componex President & Design Engineer Cal Couillard said. “When printing with aligned idlers registration is held better because the web is tracking straight through the press.”

Many manufacturing processes use equipment with rollers, idlers and web handling systems. If rollers that transport material through the manufacturing process are misaligned, issues can include vibration, premature roll and bearing wear, wrinkling and tearing, uneven coatings and substandard registration.

Streamline your manufacturing process by ensuring your equipment’s high traction idler rollers are aligned accurately. Benefits include faster throughput, heightened product quality, reduced downtime and scrap material. The Right Alignment Company is Componex’s preferred service provider.  Their equipment can measure alignment within a dimensional tolerance of .001”, confirm each roll is perpendicular to the machine center line and verify all rolls are parallel to each other.

Don’t let misaligned rollers curb your facility’s production. Increase output and product quality with assistance from the experts at Componex.

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