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WINertia Self-Adjusting Bearings WINertia Self-Adjusting Bearings

WINertia Self-Adjusting Bearings

Self-aligning Bearing Illustration

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Exceptional free spin bearing technology for WINertia™ aluminum dead shaft idler rollers

WINertia™ Self-adjusting Bearings align both radially and linearly to protect against thermal expansion, excess shaft deflection, misaligned rollers, and skewed side frames. WINertia™ Self-adjusting Bearings provide for optimal production speeds and more machine up-time.

This remarkable new bearing design extends bearing life, reduces noise and provides the ultimate in free spin with one of the lowest drag bearings in the industry. WINertia™ Self-adjusting Bearings are 35% more free spinning than standard bearings and the ER bearing style allows for pin-compatible replacements.

Plunger screw – “UFSSAP” Series

The plunger screw applies friction to the shaft to keep the inner race of the bearing from spinning when the roller is in operation. When thermal expansion causes the roller to grow, the plunger allows the inner race to slide down the shaft, eliminating side load on the bearing.

Set screw – “UFSSA” Series

The set screw on the bearing locks the roller to the shaft.

U.S. Sizes

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BRG ER203-12UFSSAP (.75″) BRG ER203-12UFSSA (.75″)
BRG ER205-16UFSSAP (1.0″) BRG ER205-16UFSSA (1.0″)
BRG ER205-20UFSSAP (1.25″) BRG ER205-20UFSSA (1.25″)
BRG ER208-24UFSSAP (1.5″) BRG ER208-24UFSSA (1.5″)
BRG ER208-32UFSSAP (2.0″) BRG ER208-32UFSSA (2.0″)

Metric Sizes

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BRG ER205-UFSSAP (25mm) BRG ER205-UFSSA (25mm)
BRG ER208-UFSSAP (40mm) BRG ER208-UFSSA (40mm)

These bearings should be used in a matched set. One bearing locks the roller to the shaft. The other bearing allows the roller to float linearly. Without this combination, bearing life will be compromised.

WINertia Bearing Features

  • Vacuum-degassed AISI 52100 alloy steel
  • Synthetic fluoropolymer based low-viscosity lubricant
  • Fiberglass-reinforced nylon cages
  • External shields and non-contact seals
  • Precision honed raceways

“Your rollers are by far the lowest resistance idlers we use here, we love them!”