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WINlock Bearing Protection WINlock Bearing Protection

WINlock Bearing Protection

Better Performance. Longer Life.


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The WINlock™ Bearing Protection extends bearing life by shielding the WINertia Self-Adjusting Bearings from environmental dirt and grime, reducing the risk of contaminants. Through a series of precision engineered and machined components, the WINlock™ Bearing Protection system locks the bearing in and locks the dirt out.

“Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics has been very impressed with the AV grooved idler technology. The AV idlers have been the only idlers we have found where we do not need to tape them to be able to run high speed webs without scratching. We have decided to change from the traditional smooth idlers to the AV grooved idlers on our main coating line. This change will provide safety to the operators as they will not need to climb on the machine frame to tape the existing idlers. It will also reduce our machine downtime by eliminating idler taping. We fully endorse the AV grooved idlers and look forward to implementing them on other coating lines in the future.”

Todd Cole
Senior Process Engineer
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics