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WINtrac High Release and Traction Idler Roll Coatings WINtrac High Release and Traction Idler Roll Coatings

WINtrac High Release and Traction Idler Roll Coatings


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WINtrac™ provides ultra-high release idler roll coatings for ink and adhesive applications

The revolutionary new WINtrac™ coatings are formulated for a wide range of applications including web roll handling, printing processes, and adhesive applications. This unique coating process was especially designed to complement and enhance WINertia™ aluminum idler rollers.

The WINtrac™ coating is directly integrated with the WINertia™ aluminum idler roller manufacturing process. We eliminate the outsourcing time normally associated with coating rollers. As a result we provide customers with the highest quality coated rolls at the lowest possible price. This inline integration also allows for a short lead-time. WINtrac™ coated rolls are manufactured just as quickly as an uncoated roll – just 5 business days.

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WINtrac™ 5 — Ultra Smooth Ink Release

Our WINtrac 5 is our ultimate ink releasing coating yet! This coating is designed for easy roller clean up – ink wipes off fast and easy. The WINtrac 5 features a high performance, smooth fluoropolymer coating delivering anti-oxidant and anti-static surface properties. This coating is also recommended as an alternative to hardcoat. WINtrac 5 is now available on AV and smooth rollers!

WINtrac™ 40 — High Traction Adhesive Release

The new WINtrac 40 is designed for idler applications where aggressive adhesive surfaces come in contact with the WINertia idler. A proprietary high release silicone top coating is applied to provide ultimate adhesive release while maintaining traction. This release coating has also been tested for ink release with positive results!”

Selecting the correct WINtrac™ coating:

Our WINertia Idler Application Specialists are available to help you select the correct WINtrac™ coating to match your idler roller needs. You can take advantage of our years of experience in manufacturing idler rolls by speaking directly with one of our Application Specialists.

“I personally would go with your WINtrac coating again just based on using your idlers as we have only had positive experiences with them!”