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WINertia AV Idler Roll Traction Test

Componex WINertia AV (Air Vent) dead shaft idler rollers surpassed competitors in an independent head-to-head traction test performed by web handling industry development and consulting leader, Optimation.

The test compared traction performance of a WINertia AV roll, a spiral groove roll, and a smooth idler roll. Each roll was 58 inches wide, had a 90 degree wrap angle, and used WINertia bearings. The test web was a 4 MIL polyester film with .5 PLI tension, and it was accelerated from zero to 1,900 feet per minute.

During the web acceleration test:

  • The smooth roll lost traction around 375 feet per minute and reached a speed of 800 feet per minute.
  • The spiral grooved roll lost traction around 700 feet per minute and reached a speed of 1,000 feet per minute.
  • The WINertia AV dead shaft idler roller, however, never slipped. With built-in air vents, it maintained constant traction during the entire web acceleration process and reached the maximum test speed 1,900 feet per minute!

These independent test results prove conclusively the WINertia AV dead shaft idler roller is the best idler roller for eliminating air entrainment and maintaining constant web traction. Contact Componex at 608 884-2201 or to learn about the WINertia AV dead shaft idler roller and how it can strengthen your web handling or converting line.

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