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Why WINertia Spreader Idler Rolls Are Industry Best

AV Spreader Roller

A common challenge facing web handling or converting line engineers and production managers is traction. Moving material through myriad processes using rollers with poor traction can contribute to misaligned cutting and slitting, poor adhesion and lamination, wrinkles and tears, among other issues.

Obtain superior web handling and converting operation performance at an affordable cost with a WINertia AV (Air Vent) Spreader Idler Roll, which is a dead shaft roller with larger outer-edge that tapers to a smaller roll-center. This reversed-crown design creates a greater surface speed at roll ends, resulting in tension distribution that spreads the web outward from the center.

“It’s a simple, simple concept,” Componex President & Design Engineer Cal Couillard said. “If you have traction on a roll, and the diameter is bigger on the sides of the roll than in the center, you can view it as a pulley. The web becomes a belt, and as it goes around that roll, if the diameters are bigger on the side than they are in the center, the web will walk itself out. It will spread itself.”

Bring exceptional value to your web handling or converting operation with Componex’s WINertia AV Spreader Idler Rolls. These air-vented dead shaft idlers are budget friendly and offer superb traction for thin plastic, paper or foil webs, while the reversed-crown profile acts as an exceptional web spreader.

Slow- and high-speed processes can benefit from WINertia AV Spreader Idler Rolls. They are designed with additional center-roll weight and built-in full-length balancing chambers, which increase performance and reliability while reducing at-speed whip and vibration.

“If you lose traction, the web will condense back to the center,” Couillard said. “We were able to take the traction that we get from the WINertia AV and we were able to create something that the customers really want, which is to make a Web move outward. They’d like to have a nice, taut web. And we can do that extremely inexpensively.”

Componex is a web handling and converting industry innovator, eliminating air entrainment, developing precision idler roll-specific bearings and reducing production downtime using methods that keep products simple, clear-cut and cost-effective.

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