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WINtrac 5 vs Hard Coat Anodized Rolls


For years, idler rollers have been hard coat anodized to protect the roller surface from wearing down. The anodizing process creates a barrier over the aluminum that is extremely smooth. This smooth surface traps the air between the roller and the web. The trapped air causes the web to lose traction and slide over the anodized roller and results in web damage and poor registration.

Combined exclusively with WINertia AV technology, the WINtrac 5 coating prevents the aluminum from oxidizing, offers a great ink release, and has anti-static properties. The WINertia AV has built in air vents which displace the air and provides 100% traction between the roller surface and the web. The WINtrac 5 AV roller offers a smooth transition through the machine without any damage to the web or the roller. A WINtrac 5 coated roller is less expensive than an anodized roller and is offered within our 5 day lead time. WINtrac 5 is also backed by our AV performance guarantee. You can purchase one roller from us and test it out for 60 days. If it does not meet your expectations, the roller can be returned for full credit.

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